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    5 tons Ice Tube Maker Machine In Malaysia
    Client Basic Information of 5 tons Ice Tube Maker Machine
    This client is from Malaysia and he planed to do a new popular business in Malaysia, so he choice selling tube ice which is great demand in summer. So he found us.
    Considering this is the first time for him to do ice business, so or engineers fully understand his needs and the local climate after providing him with the most suitable 5 tons ice tube maker machine plant design, but also provide a lot of advice to him. Let customers fully understand the ice business before starting the ice business, customer is very satisfied finally.

    Brief Introduction Of 5 tons Ice Tube Maker Machine :
    5 ton/24 hrs ice tube maker machine.
    5 tons machine produce 70kg tube ice per 20minutes, it make 210kg tube ice per hour. Total 24 hours it is about 5040kg one day
    Tube Ice diameter size:22mm/ 28mm/ 35mm. This customer request 28mm diamter in Malaysia and there have Different diameter for choose or custom made.
    (if you would like to know the details of other capacity, feel free to contace us anytime)

    5 tons Ice Tube Maker Machine Plant with Ice Packing System and Ice Storage Design

    There have 2 sets 5 ton ice tube maker machine (as the picture show);
    One 5 tons ice tube maker machine that customer bought for current ice factory and anther one will be installed in the future for ice factory expand; 5 tons Machine size is 1600 x 1400 x 2200mm (LxWxH), about 5 square meter for machine only.
    Machine ice outlet is connected to ice bin by screw.
    In order to pack tube ice convenient and let worker don’t need to pack all the time. Here it designs 1 ton capacity ice bin (size 2*1.6*1.7m) to pack and store ice. Then worker can pack tube ice every 3 hours. Outside of ice bin there design PU insulation panel room (size 2.1*1.8*2.5m) to keep tube ice won’t melt fast.

    Customer also bought his ice cold room, room capacity 3 tons and size 4x2x2.5 m, between the ice storage room and ice bin room, there have one Axial Fan to share cooling and ice won’t melt in the long time.

    Other equipment of 5 tons Ice Tube Maker Machine Plant.
    Water chiller.
    Use advanced Reverse Osmosis to make drink grade water, supply for ice making, ensure the ice is transparent and healthy.
    Water filter.
    It pre-cooling the water to +10 degree, ensure the full ice output in high temperature area, and it will improve the ice output when in low temperature season, special for hot weather.
    Ice packing equipment.
    Tube ice loading was control Pedal Switch, so it free your hand to hold the plastic bag. After loading ice, weight the ice on Digital Scale, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, its up to you. Then use the Bag Sealer seal the bag, finally deliver the bag ice into ice storage cold room by small Deliver Cart.