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    9D VR Single Chair&VR Double Chair Simulators are most popular business for oversea clients, however, as our design look is attractive and the clients has been paid mostly attention to our VR theme equipment firstly, based on our successful 1st 360degree spinning 5DOF VR chair cinema projects, we will do finish the 2rd generation VR chair cinema projects,the all functions are upgrading for clients as per market’s requests, after experiencing it and see this chair, you will really find that what we should say is perfectly correct for you, which is totally different from the current 9d egg VR cinema shape in the market, espeacially it can make outstanding performace for VR chairs, there are 1-4 unspinning VR chair series for you to choose, if interest in 360degree spinning VR chair, welcome you to inquiry our 1-2seater VR chair simulators, when they see our VR chair, they can see the future of technology!
    It’s just for you to find suitable place which has large flow of people,there is no need of installing these VR equipments, it;s only connected with the power line&signal line to PC host, it will be start working for new business soon,we will try to update new VR films for you each year, which can make sure your VR business for making money in the long-term!

    4DMAX Luxury 9D VR Double Chair Technical Parameters:

    4DMAX VR Cinema Successful Project Cases:

    Full Variety of New Technology VR Theme Park Products&Excellent Serivce
    We will always focus on quality and services as first thing, our main markets is mid-high level for us, so we 4DMAX onlly manufacture the top-class VR equipments and supply superior services

    Hold the Strict Inspections and Sold Worldwide
    By passing these quality certificates of CE, ISO, SGS and B1 grade fabric certificate for our products,we have our own patent for our 4DMAX brand, product look design and VR cinema player control system, our production was up to 250chairs per month, we have already sold to many countries, such as USA, Thailand, Norway, Turkey, UAE, Africa, Kuwait, etc
    Welcome to 4DMAX and expect to search the business opportunities to be partners and share the market of 4D Theater !
    4DMAX Beijing&Guangzhou Skillful Teams Show

    4DMAX Beijing VR Equipment Productions&Development Team

    Q: What is the difference between 9D VR cinema and 5D/7D cinema?
    A: There are main three differences:
    1. There is no need of screen and projectors in 9D VR cinema. Just wear the VR Headset and enjoy the thrilling VR experience soon
    2. The seats in 9D VR cinema can have 360° free vision, fully immersive.
    3. Don’t need to do a complicated installation! Just connect power line and signal wires to PC host, it will start for working now
    Q: How many type of 9D VR cinema do you have ?
    A: The types of VR cinema with VR glasses
    1. Non-spinning 1seat 9D VR cinema
    2. 360° spinning 1seat 9D VR cinema
    3. 360°spinning 2seats 9D VR cinema
    4. Non-spinning 2seats 9D VR cinema
    5. Non-spinning 3seats 9D VR cinema
    6. Non-spinning 4seats 9D VR cinema
    Q: What is the VR Amusement Park Equipment Warranty?
    A: The warranty period is 12ms which we should promise to supply for you in our factory
    During the warranty period,if parts has some little damages and need to repair(human damage and easy-broken part are not included ),there is no need of sending back to us firstly and wait after repairing,or we will send the new part which replace of old broken one to clients by DHL/TNT/etc,which can make sure our fast delivery for them here.

    The parts shipment fees&parts are both free costs for you during our warranty period,you don’t worry any things about it here.
    After warranty, we should our long-term technical support&maintenance services for you in the future, which can ensure your VR business going smoothly if has no worries about our products!
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