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    About Us
    2010 Established and be the first manufacturer to develop capacity tester
    2011 Entered Shandong power supply market & Become Qualified Supplier of Huaneng Yingcheng Thermal Power Plant
    2012 Won the bid of Shandong Huachang Group the products & exported to Nigeria to be qualified suppliers of CMEC
    2013 Became a qualified supplier of special substation engineers in Shenyang
    2014 Became the supplier for China Grid
    2015 Become qualified supplier of Nanjing Nanrui Jibao and Shenyang Haocheng
    2016 Become a Qualified Supplier of Guang zhou Baiyun Electrical Appliances
    2017 Become qualified supplier of special substation engineering (Xinjiang transformer and Hengyang transformer
    2018 Become a qualified supplier of Jiuzhou Electric Company in Harbin
    Baoding LangXun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2010, According to the business scope, the company is composed of three parts of production and operation sites, including: electric test instrument department, electric power automation instrument business department, machining and transformer business department
    The instrument Department of Electric Power Test instrument is located in Longxing Business Center of Baoding National High-tech Zone, with an office area of 500 square meters, 3 production workshops with an average area of 400 square meters, and 2 warehouses with a construction area of 200 square meters.
    The electric power automation instrument business department is located in Baoding National High-tech Zone University Science and Technology Park, office area 300 square meters; production workshop 2, building area 300 square meters /; warehouse 2, building area 260 square meters.
    The Machine processing and Transformer Division is located in the Private Science and Technology Park of Baoding East Development Zone, including 3 workshops covering an area of 8 mu, 2 floors of office buildings and a construction area of 780 square meters.
    The products include three series: high voltage test instruments, live & online monitoring system and insulation oil & chemical testers.
    The products are widely used in electric substation, power supply, security and other fields
    Test transformer, Standard voltage divider, Standard table, Winding machine Wave soldering, Foot shearing machine, Assembly line, Exhaust fan, Placement machine
    Total Turnover over USD5,580,000 in 2018;
    Ranking 386th among the top 500 Chinese Enterprises, 2018;
    Ranking Top 5 of the Baoding Electronic Industry of 2018.
    wholesale Transformer Capacity Characteristic Tester