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    DMBR series 57 step motor ball screw linear drive
    Product structure: ball screw is installed in stepping motor, motor screw is integrated
    Product design: a two-phase stepping motor is mounted on the shaft end of the ball screw, and the screw shaft serves as the ideal structure of the shaft of the rotary motor.
    Advantages: through the integration of motor shaft and ball screw shaft, the coupling and bearing seat are omitted to achieve integration.
    Customized service: shaft end shape, stroke can be customized.
    Motor brand: KSS brand 2-phase hybrid 57-step motor
    Lead screw type: cold rolled
    Ball screw diameter: 10mm,12mm,13mm
    Lead of lead screw: 2mm,5mm, 10mm,20mm
    Motor length :23E2110 electric machine length: 47mm.
    Accuracy level: C7
    Screw material: SCM415H
    Nut material: SCM415H
    Surface hardness of thread: HCR58-62
    Lubricant: anti-rust oil
    Direction of rotation: right rotation
    Axial clearance: 0.030mm below

    Cooperative brands
    KSS, KGG. As partners, we sell the company’s products as agents. Product series for the DMRB, stepping motor model for NEMA8 / NEMA22 / NEMA14 NEMA17 / NEMA23. The diameter of the ball screw is 4 mm / 5 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm / 13 mm, the lead screw has a lot of, can choose according to buy.
    Industry knowledge
    Ball screw is an ideal product for converting rotary motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion. Screw stepper motor is equipped with 2-phase stepper motor at the shaft end of ball screw. Through the integration of motor shaft and screw shaft, the coupling and bearing block are omitted, and the compactness of longer direction is realized. Shaft end shape, travel can be customized according to customer requirements.
    KSS brand, made in China brand. Screw has ball screw, trapezoidal screw.
    Screw rod processing process
    1, Raw screw rod shall be blanked by cutting machine and annealed by tempering machine (namely high-frequency heating equipment) according to processing requirements of screw shaft end.
    2, After annealing and cooling, the straight machine can roughly adjust the lead screw to ensure that the lead screw runout is controlled within the required range.
    3, After straightening the lathe coarse car, according to the actual situation to leave a certain precision margin.
    4, After the coarse car fine calibration, ensure that the screw beat control in a more accurate range.
    5, Fine calibration, lead screw center drilling, and then fine turning to the drawing requirements or external grinder grinding processing to the drawing requirements.
    1. Can the screw be customized?
    Screw can be customized, nut model, shaft end processing, screw length, screw brand can be customized.
    2. Screw processing technology?
    Cold rolling and grinding. According to customer requirements, meet customer requirements for production
    3. Moq?
    1 the root up the order
    4. Are free samples provided?
    Samples are not provided free of charge
    5. Mode of transportation
    We can choose any mode of transportation by sea, air or rail, only with your permission.
    6. Terms of payment
    You can choose any payment method you like. If we don’t have that kind of payment account, we’ll sign up and open it.
    7. What should I do if I receive defective products?
    You will not receive inferior goods. There are three inspection procedures for our products. If you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of receiving an inferior product, congratulations, we will give you free qualified products.
    1. Our products are guaranteed for one year without any artificial damage
    2. Before you purchase, you can provide us with processing drawings of screw rods. If you do not know how to make drawings, we will make and process drawings for you free of charge and confirm the drawings with you for processing.
    3. After you receive the product, you can conduct testing. If problems are found, we will be responsible for you.
    4. If you need to add your Logo, we are willing to serve you as long as the product quantity is enough.
    5. Delivery time: 20 working days
    6. Price: our quotation is ex-factory price, and you need to bear the freight by yourself. cheap Screw Stepper Motor